About Doosan Company

The history of the company began in 1896, when Pak Sung-jik opened his small shop in Seoul. In 1946, his successor Pak-Du-biyung gave a new name to the firm - Doosan. This is how the modern history of Doosan Infracore began. The small South Korean company Doosan gradually grew into a large world company with its head office in Seoul, factories and offices around the world. At the moment, Doosan is the largest South Korean manufacturer of forklifts, construction equipment, CNC machines, and also produces armored vehicles, missile systems and torpedo parts for the national army.

The production of its own Doosan engines was launched in 1958. In 1975, a line for the production of medium-sized engines was licensed under the license of MAN, and in 1979 - a small-size production facility licensed by ISUZU. Since 1985, the company has developed its own products.

With the acquisition of Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery in April 2005, Doosan took a new start in the construction machinery and engines market. After that, all equipment began to be supplied to the market under the dual Doosan-Daewoo brand, designed to ensure continuity. After the main task of the dual brand was fulfilled - consumers had to get used to the new name and make sure that the course and policy of the company remained unchanged - in early 2007 Doosan Infracore switched to a single brand - Doosan.

At present, Doosan Group sells its non-core assets in order to accelerate the process of transformation into a holding and strengthen its positions in the construction equipment market. After all, now Doosan produces a wide range of products - from food and beverages to engines, heavy equipment and power plants. In 2006, it was announced that the parent company Doosan will be restructured into a holding company, which should be completed before 2010. Thus, the company seeks to change the main direction of its activities, shifting the focus from the production of food products to heavy equipment. For example, in mid-2009, Doosan sold its alcohol production unit and the packaging division of Doosan Techpak.

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