Isuzu Tier 3 engine error codes list

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History of the brand ISUZU

It is not for nothing that the founder of the automobile company Isuzu named the leadership of one of the most powerful industrial enterprises of Japan in the early 20th century - Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering. It was under the auspices of this organization that a company was established whose specialization was the production of heavy automotive equipment using mainly diesel engines, the history of which by that time was only a few dozen years old.

The debut step made by representatives of the company, which in the future became known as Isuzu, was the signing in 1918 of an agreement with the British company Wolseley Motors on the assembly of trucks by the Japanese under license from the British. Already four years later, in 1922, a truck of the A-9 model was presented. And the first own development, made at the Ishikawajima Automotive Works corporation, representatives of the future Isuzu was demonstrated in 1928. In 1933 Ishikawajima Automotive Works merged with another successful automotive company from Japan - Dot Automobile Manufacturing.