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The company dates back to 1910. Then the first Hitachi product was a 5 hp electric motor. The company is now headquartered in Tokyo. And the corporation develops and manufactures more than 20 thousand different goods: computers, household appliances, semiconductors, power and industrial equipment. The company conducts research and development in the field of information technology and in the field of modern materials.

The first Hitachi excavator (the model was named U05) was produced in 1949. In 1970, Hitachi Ltd. registers a new division of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. (abbreviated HCM). Hitachi tracked excavators are being produced in cooperation with the Italian company Fiat. Only in 2001, the Fiat-Hitachi joint venture was terminated, and Fiat-Hitachi Excavators S.p.A. was created in its place. (FHE). The transfer of all Hitachi business to Fiat-Hitachi Excavators was completed only in June 2002. Since then, Hitachi has launched an independent strategic campaign in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. HCM entered the US market through the opening of a joint venture with Deere & Company in 1988.

Now NCM in its arsenal owns 51 subsidiaries in Japan and 36 abroad, including the USA, Australia, Indonesia, China, India, Canada, Great Britain, Thailand, Italy, France, South Africa. The main equipment that goes under the Hitachi brand: mini-excavators with an operating weight of 800 kg up to heavy-duty 800-ton front shovel excavators, wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks, crawler cranes.


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